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This "Sudbury Trails" website is meant to encourage people to walk the trails in and near Sudbury, Massachusetts. I have been interested deriv apk in hiking and walking trails for more than 40 years. Recently, I began exploring the Sudbury area after the purchase of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is described under the heading "Meet Lady Juliet".

Accurate maps ease the task of finding trails for outdoor activities, including dog walking. I have documented maps for conservation lands in Sudbury that allow dog walking. Please let me know if corrections to the maps are required.

Near my home in Sudbury is a town conservation area called Davis Farm. Accessible from Davis Farm is an area I like to call "Black Forest". It is not large or spectacular but, if you take the time to look around, you will see that the woods are dark, and the ground is soft and covered in a thick layer of pine needles. Walking in this black forest is a very different experience from walking on a paved road.

Black Forest Floor (Click on the picture to see enlarged image.)

Fairhaven Hill is a wonderful area in Concord, Massachusetts with approximately 400 acres of conservation land download deriv app. It includes a river walk, a cliff more than 100 feet tall, and an extensive series of trails over sandy plains and valleys. The Walden Pond State Reservation abuts the Fairhaven Hill area. The Mt. Misery conservation area lying to the south in Lincoln is accessible from Fairhaven Hill.

Fairhaven Bay Walden View Cliff Ice

A couple of miles north of my home is a large area known as Estabrook Woods. I first saw a reference to Estabrook Woods on a Concord Land Guide Map of the area called Punkatasset Hill. Searching the Internet, I encountered the writings of Steven Ells and the map he reproduced called Walking Map of Estabrook Woods. This map laid out all of the trails and made it possible to find the sites of the Thoreau pencil mill, the lime quarry, a stand of black birch, a stand of yellow birch, beavers at Hutchins Pond, and Mink Pond. Thus far, I have described two walks in Estabrook Woods: "Beavers at Hutchins Pond"

Beaver Lodge

and "Esker Walk".

Esker Trail

I have also endeavoured to describe the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigating the trails and making a record of each hike www.deriv.net.za/mobile-app.

In the future, I hope to add sections for the following areas in Sudbury: Memorial Forest, Hop Brook Conservation Area, Gray Conservation Area, and Round Hill. Later, I may include a section on the Boy Scout Nobscot Reservation and the Tippling Rock Conservation Area. Still later, I may add a section on Mount Misery in Lincoln.

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Davis Farm Location

Davis Farm Conservation Land is located on Route 117 in North Sudbury, Massachusetts. When traveling east on Route 117 (North Road), the parking lot is on the right just past Windmill Drive. Use Google Maps to find "North Road" and "Windmill Drive", Sudbury, MA.

Fairhaven Hill Location

Fairhaven Hill is located south of Route 2 in Concord, Massachusetts. For easy access to Fairhaven Hill, use the Walden Woods parking lot off Sudbury Road in Concord. There are three mailboxes in a group for 649, 651, and 657 Sudbury Road. Opposite these mailboxes are two driveways. Take the driveway on the left. There is a large, open field a short way down the driveway on the left. Park there.

Estabrook Woods Location

Estabrook Woods is the other walking area discussed on this website. Estabrook Woods can be reached from the "Punkatasset/Saw Mill Brook Conservation Land" in Concord, Massachusetts. The entrance to this land is between 873 and 851 Monument Street.

Related Websites

Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT) is a conservation organization that helps in the acquisition of conservation lands and conservation restrictions. SVT also manages many conservation areas in eastern Massachusetts. Their trail maps are phenomenal. I have used these maps when visiting Gray Reservation, Lyons-Cutler Reservation, Memorial Forest, and Round Hill.

Sudbury Conservation Land Maps are helpful for locating conservation land, for locating parking lots for these lands, and for trails. Some of the areas depicted on the maps are not actively maintained, e.g., Barton Farms. For information on some of the more recently acquired areas, it may be necessary to contact the Conservation Coordinator at 978-443-2209 x1370 or by email at concom@sudbury.ma.us.

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You may send email to david@sudburytrails.info.

I welcome contributions from anyone with an interest in Sudbury Trails. If you send me your text and photos, I will take care of the formatting for the web page. Be certain to include information for acknowledgment of your contribution: name, short biographical sketch (optional), and contact information.

It might be enjoyable to schedule a guided hike at one of the conservation areas. Perhaps, I could include notices of upcoming hikes or talks by others.

Let me know of any errors that you find on this website. Finally, tell me if the navigation scheme is in need of an upgrade. I've tried to keep navigation simple, but I may need to do more.