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Without question, I find Steve Ells' "All about the Estabrook Woods" to be the best available source of information on Estabrook Woods, Concord, Massachusetts. On his web site, you will find a "Walking Map" of Estabrook Woods. This "Walking Map" takes the mystery out of Estabrook Woods trails and allows one to find places of historical and botanical interest. Essentially all of the trails shown on the "Walking Map" exist today.

Walking Map

A high resolution copy of the "Walking Map" in pdf format is included here. Most web browsers will display this file. If your browser does not, you will need to install Adobe Reader. Make a printout of this map to compare with maps of the Estabrook Woods tracks created from GPS data.

I have also included Estabrook Woods GPS Tracks Plot, a copy of my GPS tracks from walks in Estabrook Woods and adjacent areas in Carlisle. You can see that there is a large natural area devoid of development These trails cover a large part of the area bounded on the westand southwest by Lowell Road-Concord Road, on the north by Bedford Road, and on the east and southeast by Monument Street. The lagoons in the lower right portion of the image are part of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

After the safety note, two sections provide directions for the "Beavers at Hutchin's Pond" walk and the "Esker Walk". Note that one of the key benefits of a GPS is that you can find trails again once the leaves come out and the trail junctions are not so clear.


I have been asked to include a note about possible conflicts between dogs and horses. Horses are ridden on Estabrook Road which runs north-south through the middle of Estabrook Woods (as shown on the "Walking Map".) If you are walking with a dog that is not accustomed to horses and the dog is not responsive to voice commands, please consider keeping your dog on a leash while on Estabrook Road.

Beavers at Hutchin's Pond

On the "Walking Map", you would start your walk at 873 Monument Street which is on the right side of the map somewhat less than half the way up from the bottom. You would proceed up the left (west) side of Hutchin's Pond, turn right at the top of the pond, and right again when you join Two Rod Road. From there you would continue on out to Monument Street.

Hutchin's Pond Track

On the Hutchin's Pond Track and Waypoint Map, you would also start your walk at 873 Monument Street; waypoint P01. You would continue to waypoint P02 and then up the left (west) side of Hutchin's Pond to waypoint E43 which is the culvert leading into Hutchin's Pond. This is the location of a trapezoidal culvert fence. Looking toward the pond, you will see a beaver dam which has created a pond at an elevation a few feet above Hutchin's Pond. This is also where you will begin to see evidence of beavers felling poplar trees and girdling oak trees. At waypoint E44, turn right. At waypoint E68, turn right again. Continue to waypoint E45, the outlet culvert for Hutchin's Pond. Just past this culvert, look to your right and you will see a beaver lodge on the shore of the pond. Continuing to waypoint E46, you will see the turnstyle that allows you access to the pasture. To complete your walk, proceed to waypoint P02 and then P01.

Esker Walk

An esker is a ridge formed by glacial meltwater passing through a meltwater channel. Eskers are usually made up of gravel. The size of the gravel is determined by the speed of the water flowing through the meltwater channel. By my estimate, the eskers in Estabrook Woods can be as high as 30 feet.

On the "Walking Map", you would start your walk at 873 Monument Street, up the left (west) side of Hutchin's Pond and onward to the junction with the Saw Mill trail on your left. Once you have crossed the brook that is the outlet of Mill Pond, you will be facing the end of an esker. Proceed up the esker and turn right at the trail junction. Continue along the esker, looking for views of Mink Pond on your left. Assuming that you want to make a loop, turn right at the trail junction. You will pass some large boulders that are 10 to 20 feet long. When you reach the next trail junction, turn right and continue straight out to Monument Street.

Esker Track

On the Esker Track and Waypoint Map, you would also start your walk at 873 Monument Street; waypoint P01. You would continue to waypoints P02, E43, E44, and E45. Turn left at waypoint E52. You will come to the Mill Pond. Continue on up the esker. Turn right at waypoint E56. At waypoint EX MP Outlet, you will see the Mink Pond outlet culvert that determines the maximum level of the pond. Continue on to waypoing E55 Tee; you will be near the Lime Kiln. Turn right and continue to waypoint E54JL Rock. Turn right and continue on to waypoints E52, E51, E44, E43, P02, and P01.

GPS Data

A gpx file for my Estabrook Woods walks can be uploaded to a GPS unit. This file includes all of the tracks for Estabrook Woods as well as all of my waypoints for hikes in the Sudbury vicinity. Since my browser opened the gpx file and displayed it as text, I have "zipped" the gpx file. You will need to save the zipped file to your hard drive, unzip it, and then load it onto your GPS unit.